World's top 100 'Best Travel Destinations'

Cast your minds back to every holiday / vacation you have ever taken!! Is there a place that stands out from the rest? Is there a destination or specific holiday or vacation attraction that takes its place as your number 1 'Best Travel Destination'. If so, whether it be an awe inspiring historical monument, place of immense excitement, the most beautiful place you have ever experienced or simply a place that just 'did it for you', please participate in this international survey (more details at the bottom of the page) for the 'Best Travel Destination'.

Below is the international survey for the world top 100 'Best Travel Destination''s based on holiday / vacation experiences.


Orlando (USA)

Orlando, Florida was once a small cattle town with no more than 200 inhabitants. Now it is the family entertainment capital of the world and this planet's most ... view more


Sydney (Australia)

Situated on the E coast, in the region of New South Wales, Sydney is Australia's oldest, largest and most diverse city. Located in the centre of Sydney is the d ... view more


Paris (France)

Paris, the cosmopolitan capital of France, has the reputation of being the most beautiful and romantic of all cities, brimming with historic associations and ... view more


London (England)

London is the capital of England, and has something to offer everyone - majestic stately houses, tranquil green parks and a zoo, engrossing museums and art ga ... view more


Venice (Italy)

The historical centre of Venice is made up of six districts (sestiere): Cannaregio, Dorsoduro, Castello, Santa Croce, San Polo and San Marco.

Di ... view more


Manhattan (USA)

Manhattan Island, the commercial and business heart of New York City, is about 12 miles long by 3 miles wide. This large metropolitan area is vaguely divided in ... view more


Cape Town (South Africa)

Cape Town is the most popular international tourist destination in South Africa due to its good climate, natural setting, and relatively w ... view more


Las Vegas (USA)

A glittering jewel in the middle of a bone-dry desert, there really is nowhere else quite like Las Vegas. The home of neon, showgirls and drive-through weddings ... view more


Rome (Italy)

Rome, the 'Eternal City', is the capital of Italy and of the Lazio (Latium) region. It's the famed city of the Roman Empire, the Seven Hills, La Dolce Vita< ... view more


Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

The Great Barrier Reef is one of great vacation destinations of the world and arguably the best loved scuba diving and snorkeling experien ... view more

11, Maldives (Asia) 56, Menorca (Spain)
12, Hawaii (USA) 57, Monaco (Europe)
13, South Island (New Zealand Region) 58, Luxor (Egypt)
14, Grand Canyon (USA) 59, Hong Kong (China)
15, San Diego (USA) 60, Banff (Canada)
16, Niagara Falls (Canada) 61, Sorrento (Italy)
17, San Francisco (USA) 62, Key West (USA)
18, Rio De Janeiro (Brazil) 63, Canc�n (Mexico)
19, Los Angeles (USA) 64, Koh Samui (Thailand)
20, Dubai (UAE) 65, Nice (France)
21, Auckland (New Zealand) 66, Machu Picchu (Peru)
22, Singapore (Asia) 67, Yosemite National Park (USA)
23, Seychelles (Africa) 68, Oahu (USA)
24, Bali (Indonesia) 69, Florida Keys (USA)
25, Durban (South Africa) 70, Guam (Pacific Islands)
26, Bangkok (Thailand) 71, Dublin (Ireland)
27, Iceland (Europe) 72, Vancouver (Canada)
28, Whitsundays (Australia) 73, Ayers Rock (Australia)
29, Costa Del Sol (Spain) 74, La Digue (Seychelles)
30, Cairns (Australia) 75, Cayman Islands (Caribbean)
31, Antigua & Barbuda (Caribbean) 76, Naples (Italy)
32, Melbourne (Australia) 77, St Pete Beach (USA)
33, Mallorca (Spain) 78, Amritsar (India)
34, Giza (Egypt) 79, Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)
35, Lake District (England) 80, Ibiza (Spain)
36, Barbados (Caribbean) 81, Benidorm (Costa Blanca, Spain)
37, Abu Simbel (Egypt) 82, Adelaide (Australia)
38, Bahamas (Caribbean) 83, Airlie Beach (Australia)
39, Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt) 84, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
40, New York (USA) 85, Prague (Czech Republic)
41, Madrid (Spain) 86, Aberdare National Park (Kenya)
42, Zermatt (Switzerland) 87, Cuba (Caribbean)
43, Algarve (Portugal) 88, Paphos (Cyprus)
44, Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) 89, Valley of the Kings (Egypt)
45, Marbella (Spain) 90, Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)
46, Masai Mara (Kenya) 91, Isle of Man (Europe)
47, Bora Bora (French Polynesia) 92, Kusadasi (Turkey)
48, Chich�n Itz� (Mexico) 93, Chamonix (France)
49, Florence (Italy) 94, Beijing (China)
50, Disney World (Florida, USA) 95, Cannes (France)
51, Puerto Banus (Spain) 96, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
52, Toronto (Canada) 97, Bodrum (Turkey)
53, Great Wall (China) 98, Courchevel (France)
54, Agra (India) 99, Berlin (Germany)
55, Edinburgh (Scotland) 100, Corfu (Greece)

How do I influence the 'Best Travel Destination' survey'?

The 'Best Travel Destination' survey is influenced from the 'Traveleye Community'. There are two ways in which destinations are ranked:

1, You can influence the survey by writing travel reviews of the destinations you have visited. Each review requires a 1-5 star rating. This rating will contribute to the destination's ranking. Simply type the name of the travel destination you want to review in the search box at the top of the page (with 'travel reviews') selected. Your rating of the destination with either positively or negatively affect the destinatin in the rankings.

2, If you register for a free 'My Travel Eye' page (click 'register' at the top of the page), you will get a series of travel awards to give away. Giving your 'Best Travel Destination' travel award away will give the relevant destination some good ranking points. You can also give travel awards for 'Best Beach Destination', 'Best Ski Destination', 'Most Picturesque Destination', 'Best Entertainment Destination', 'Best Landmark Destination' and 'Most Romantic Destination'.

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